Sunday, November 8, 2009

Android Jones presents Liminal Rez part 1

Yesterday night, I had the pleasure of attending "Android" Jones's (concept artist of and massive black fame) gallery show at the pushsf. There was definitely quite a large crowd, and it got pretty warm with all those people their in the gallery. He had a little bit of his traditional work as well as a lot of printed digital work, some of it on glass . They actually handed out 3D glasses as the show (yeah the cheap carboard ones they hand out at movies and cereal). When you looked at some of his work through them they were suppose to help push the warm colors forward and cool colors back even more so then usual. They also winded up having hologram cards for us to take home as well, lol.

This was one of his pieces on printed on glass I believe. He had a few there.

Another shot of some of his pieces on glass

Some random shots of the gallery space I tried to grab (I apologize for the quality):

I invited fellow CCS alumni and concept artists Angie Lai and Marc Gabbana, always a pleasure to see them :)
I'll post more shots from the show later on as well...

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